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New project "from idea to product"

 Bringing new ideas to life is a difficult task. 

That is why the training cycle and The launch of a startup goes through the following stages: 

1. Research + pilot period This stage involves the study of materials and communication with the client. Our team implements pilot project, which includes a startup. Familiar angel investors are invited and their reviews are analyzed.

2. Financing plan The pilot period allows you to refine the vision of a startup. Further, together with the client, we we analyze the available ways of financing and the fundraising plan.

3. Сontact Angel investors and venture capitalists are our target. We try to communicate with them through other angel investors directly. They will give us important feedback and help with development project. 

4. Completion Clarification of the terms of the transaction along with emerging legal issues. When attracting venture capitalists need to address the issue of achieving investment.